About us

NarrativITI is a website initiated and developed by the Section of Literary Theory of the Institute for Literary Studies, Research Center for the Humanities, in order to provide space for new directions in research on narrative theory.

One of the functions of this space is to make the basic concepts of narratology available to a relevant Hungarian audience, because while there are several large-scale and worthwhile pages of this kind in foreign languages, there is no comprehensive, verified source in Hungarian that is scholarly and accurate.

As a part of its research framework, the Section of Literary Theory also hosts a thematic conference series that deals with basic narratological concepts; materials related to these conferences can also be accessed from NarrativITI. Furthermore, our longer term goal is to bring together Hungarian researchers working on the topic and to provide an opportunity for the creation and publication of narratology-focused scholarship.

We hope that our site proves to be useful for research and for gathering information.

Research Group Members: Gábor Bezeczky, Péter Hajdu, Jessie Labov, György C. Kálmán, Laura László, Orsolya Rákai, Dávid Szolláth, Csilla Tóth, Zoltán Z. Varga.

Contact: narrativiti{at] gmail. com