Gábor Bezeczky

Bezeczky GáborHe has been an employee of the Institute of Literary Studies since 1989, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Literatura. Theories of metaphor and narrative have long occupied an important place among his areas of research, which also include the relationship between literary studies and linguistics, and the oeuvre of Gyula Krúdy.

His most important narratological studies include:

  • Metafora, narráció, szociolingvisztika (Akadémiai Kiadó: Budapest), 2002.
  • “Literal Language,” New Literary History 22 (1991), 603-613.
  • “Contending Voices in Bakhtin,” Comparative Literature 46 (1994), 321-345.
  • “Krúdy’s Early Short Stories,” Hungarian Studies 13 (1998-1999), 179-198.
  • “Metaphor and Narrative,” Neohelicon 27 (2000.2), 13-48.
  • “Structural Metaphors in the English and Hungarian Versions of George Eliot’s Middle­march,” Hungarian Studies 15 (2001), 113-119.
  • „Az elbeszélésciklus poétikája,” Literatura (2003.2), 185-198.

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