Jessie Labov

Jessie LabovJessie Labov completed her degrees in Comparative Literature at Harvard University and NYU, and taught in Departments of East European Cultures at Stanford, Ohio State and Harvard University, as well as at Central European University. She is on the editorial board of the journals East European Politics and Society, Studia Digitalis, and Digital Domostroi. In addition to her work in the digital humanities, her main areas of research are comparative literature, film theory, and modern Central European literary and film history.

Her most important narratological studies include:

  • „The Post-COVID Digital Footprint of Slavic and East European Studies”. Canadian-American Slavic Studies 55 (2021): 1:71-76.
  • Transatlantic Central Europe: contesting geography and redefining culture beyond the nation.
    Budapest: Central European University Press, 2019.
  • „Reading Kultura From a Distance”. In: Eastern Europe unmapped : beyond borders and peripheries, edited by Kacandes, Irene and Komska, Yuliya, 104-129. New York (NY) : Berghahn Books, 2018.

List of Publications (MTMT)